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This year, the annual CASL State Conference will be held April 2–4, 2005 at the Anaheim Coast Hotel. This conference brings together top student leaders from around California for three days of motivational,
inspirational and educational leadership experiences. The weekend agenda includes interstate student sessions, Student led workshops, three general sessions, specialized sessions for both high school and middle school leaders, being a part of the CASL State Service Project, plus great times of interaction during sessions, meals, dances and activities with students from around the State of California.

Last year there were over 950 individuals from around the State sharing ideas, knowledge and fun!

This conference can be funded through ASB, special project
funds [TUPE, CUPP, etc.], saving, working or possibly with an SYF "Road" Scholarship. Click on for an application.

For more information, please look at our conference flyer here.

Download the registration form here.
Download the room configuration form here.

Application for the CASL StateCE
THE 2005-2006 CASL State Board

Join the CASL Board for the 2005-2006 term!
It is essential that board members have the full support of their advisor, school and parents for these positions. A maximum of one candidate per position, per school is allowed. Applications are due March 1, 2006.

Download the 2005 application here.

meet the pros

THE 2005 Meet the PRos

Presenters will speak to 12 people at a time around a table, for approximately 12 minutes on a program, activity or developed skill from their school. The presenter will make three presentations per session. The presenter is the pro that is being met!
Each presenter will receive a gift as a token of appreciation and have one more item to add to their college resume (presenter at a state conference).

Download the 2005 application here.

Student Scholarship
THE David Knieriem Memorial Scholarship

There will be two, One thousand dollar ($1000) scholarships awarded to seniors from CADA/CASL member schools. The scholarship is not necessarily based on the highest GPA but on the applicant’s investment in the lives of people, through school and community. These were the attributes that exemplified Dave’s life.

Download the 2005 application here.

School Recognition
Outstanding Activities Program Award

CASL will be honoring numerous student leadership councils for an outstanding activities program affecting their schools and their student body in a positive way. A representative from the school must be
registered and attend the CASL State Conference in Anaheim April 2-4, 2005 to receive the award recognition. All CADA/CASL member schools are eligible to apply by the deadline of February 1.

Download the 2005 application here.


Presenting the 22nd Annual CADA/CASL Leadership slate of camps. This year we have 3 high school camps and 2 middle school camps. Our highly successful high school program is worth checking out for your campus leaders. The unique middle school camp program will allow your younger leaders to gain valuable experience in leadership. Middle school students will be organized into councils under the guidance of credentialed CADA staff members assisted by CADA trained CASL student officers. This year CADA/ CASL Middle School Camps, are limited to those grade levels (6th through 8th grade).

Download the 2005 application here.

For applications to the middle school and high school camps please go to the “Local Area Conferences” page and see the Summer Conferences area at the bottom of the page and click on the proper form.