Class QuickHTMLExporter

  extended by rss.utilities.QuickHTMLExporter

public class QuickHTMLExporter
extends java.lang.Object

This class is used soley for debugging purposes, although it may serve as part of the "printing" functionality for the application. QuickHTMLExporter writes an HTML file representation of a given Feed.

Note: This class was mostly copied and used as a basic View.

Karl E. Rieb
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void printToHTML(java.lang.String htmlPath, Feed feed, java.util.Collection<FeedItem> items)
          Generates an HTML file that displays the given FeedItems with the Feed information.
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Constructor Detail


public QuickHTMLExporter()
Method Detail


public static void printToHTML(java.lang.String htmlPath,
                               Feed feed,
                               java.util.Collection<FeedItem> items)
Generates an HTML file that displays the given FeedItems with the Feed information. Note: The given Feed object is not used in any way other than to display a title for the HTML file.

htmlPath - Path to write the HTML file to
feed - Feed used to create title for HTML page
items - The FeedItems to display (with most recently published items at the top of the page)
Throws: - Thrown if an error occurs when writing to htmlPath