Class QuickHTMLView

  extended by rss.views.QuickHTMLView
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class QuickHTMLView
extends java.lang.Object
implements View

Displays FeedItems from a given feed using generated HTML and an SWT Browswer widget. This View is unable to determine the "read" status of a given FeedItem and currently does not modify any FeedItem's read boolean.

This view only displays a FeedItem's:

KNOWN ISSUES: QuickHTMLView uses the SWT Browser Widget to display the generated HTML code. The Browser Widget strongly depends on the user environment to function properly. On Linux machines, the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME environment variable must be set to the Mozilla lib directory for work correctly.

Karl E. Rieb

Constructor Summary
          Creates a new QuickHTMLView.
Method Summary
 Composite generateComposite(Composite parent, Feed feed, java.util.Collection<FeedItem> items)
          Called when the application wants to display the view.
 java.lang.String getName()
          Returns the name of the view.
static void printToHTML(java.lang.String htmlPath, Feed feed, java.util.Collection<FeedItem> items)
          Generates an HTML file that displays the given FeedItems with the Feed information.
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Constructor Detail


public QuickHTMLView()
Creates a new QuickHTMLView. No methods or fields are set during a call to this constructor.

Method Detail


public static void printToHTML(java.lang.String htmlPath,
                               Feed feed,
                               java.util.Collection<FeedItem> items)
Generates an HTML file that displays the given FeedItems with the Feed information. Note: The given Feed object is not used in any way other than to display a title for the HTML file.

htmlPath - Path to write the HTML file to
feed - Feed used to create title for HTML page
items - The FeedItems to display (with most recently published items at the top of the page)
Throws: - Thrown if an error occurs when writing to htmlPath


public Composite generateComposite(Composite parent,
                                   Feed feed,
                                   java.util.Collection<FeedItem> items)
Description copied from interface: View
Called when the application wants to display the view. Should return a Composite object that will be displayed in a tab in the application.

Specified by:
generateComposite in interface View
parent - The parent for the Composite object. All views should make this parent the parent of the Composite object returned by the method!
feed - Feed to be displayed
items - FeedItems that belong to the Feed to be displayed
Composite object used to display the FeedItems to the user


public java.lang.String getName()
Description copied from interface: View
Returns the name of the view. This name is used to allow users to choose a view for a given Feed.

Specified by:
getName in interface View
Name of the view.